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ZIL is a new blockchain platform being developed from scratch with scalability through Sharding at its core. It works by partitioning transaction block verifications and turning them into subcommittees that will run verification checks parallel to the main chain before rejoin it later.  Developed by a team of the Univ of Singapore. The team consists of scholar and advisors from the technology sector. Very promising tech competing with NEO, NANO, EOS, RAIDEN and Bitcoin Lightning among others to achieve scalability of the Ethereum network. Unlike other ICOs technology ICOs that only have a whitepaper, Zilliqa is already in the testing phase achieving very promising results. Zilliqa is an undervalued project with huge gains potential once the market rebounds.

Power Ledger is a Peer-to-Peer energy trading. Where one individual can choose to trade, sell, or buy excess power from another individual or from a solar company. Power Ledger is an Australian based company with a team’s background stemming from the business and the power generation sector. The project is based on the use of two coins, POWR tokens which are used to access and interact with the platform (much like a node), and Sparks  which are used to trade for native fiat currency and used to transact the excess power output. Power Ledger already has a business presence in Australia and New Zealand, and most recently contracted by a developer in Thailand and is also negotiations with US Solar companies. The Roadmap aims to develop Power Ledger well into 2019 and as the need for renewable energy into remote, micro-markets increase, so will the value of this coin.

QuantStamp is a Security verification company for Ethereum’s blockchain smart contracts. It verifies the contract is valid before you send it and it’s added to the chain. This will be useful for private companies like Target or Amazon that want to run their own centralized blockchain and want to do without a million nodes to do the verification. Their team is composed of former ex-Yahoo and Tweeter software engineer. Their advisors are also power players in the tech field. Field testing is set to begin in April 2018. With real life need and application, QuantStamp is ridiculously undervalued and a great opportunity for investment.

Prices as of March 12, 2018:
ZIL (ZILLIQA) $ .04 , POWR $ .44 (POWER LEDGER), and QSP $ .19 (QUANTSTAMP).

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