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The Business Blockchain
Universa is a fourth generation blockchain projects to the likes of EOS, and Multiversum. Marketed as the Blockchain for business. It was designed primarily for the financial world to expedite the transactions of contracts. It replaces the conventional blockchain with a new type using a Directed Acyclic Graph.

DAG Blockchain – 20,000 tps
This is a forward directional system where new transactions verify the previous transactions so all transactions are confirmed and unchanged. Think of it as a family tree, where grandparents lead to offsprings, and these in turn continue the chain. The chain does not depend on public nodes but on private companies that act as “trusted nodes” and a Notary Cloud service which verifies transaction records, contracts, and digital signatures. The process does this ‘off chain’ and in combination with side chains. Universa claims to achieve 20,000 transactions per second. This speed is achieved by each contract having a “Proof of State” on each side chain, this allows each contract to move asynchronously between side chains (cross chain). For example, the contracts move as a monkey jumps from one rope to another while climbing a tree. All Universa tokens are pre-mined, therefore, no miners are required to maintain the network. Instead, the tokens are used to incentivize the company’s partners charged with the transaction verification process.

Team / Roadmap
Developed and manage by a team led by brilliant venture investor and digital media strategist Alexander Borodich, with a Roadmap aiming to the addition of a Universa bank, cards, and app store for the second quarter of 2018.

Token supply is close to five billion, circulating supply 1.7 billion coins, and a market cap of $40 billion. its current price is $.02 and can be purchased at HitBTC and Cobinhood exchanges.

Coin Analysis
Universa addresses the real world problem of blockchain scalability (high fees and low transaction speeds) and offers value by eliminating the costs of mining and by privatizing nods verification and incentivizing its partners with the issuance of tokens. It has an experienced team with a solid project in a fourth generation blockchain. At current prices, it is poised to deliver on massive gains as the market rises.

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