Cheap Crypto Coins ICO Review

Top 10 Coins to Buy Before It’s Too Late

Below are top 10 coins to buy before it’s too late:
#10. NEO: A blockchain development platform and competitor to Ethereum. It evolved into a major business-oriented marketplace. It has major side business like Rchain, Trinity, Ontology, Gas, and it’s poised to become an exchange with NEX.
#9. DASH: scalable, secure, fast transactions. Long term investment.  It was $1600, today at $430, that’s 75% off.
#8. Universa (UTNP): 5th generation blockchain technology, with private nodes and notary cloud service. Terrible marketing has made it an overlooked opportunity to be at the forefront of the future of crypto. At only $.02 it’s a fortune waiting to be made.
#7. ZILLIQA (ZIL): revolutionary 3rd generation blockchain project through Sharding. Extremely undervalued at only $.04 cents.
#6. QuantStamp (QSP): verification of smart contracts of privatized blockchains. The future of blockchain technology, based on private verification companies.  At
$ .16, it’s an opportunity.
#5. STELLAR (XLM): competitor to Ripple but considerable cheaper to buy. Its partnership with IBM to form the Hyper-Ledger will make XLM “moon” in the coming months.
#4. VeChain (VEN): supply chain verification using blockchain. Extremely promising with a product already in use. At $3, it is easy to make 300X return.
#3. STEEM: Incentivizes blockchain social media platform. Users create and curate content on Steemit. Facebook meets crypto. It will capitalize on all crypto related ad and content. A must have long term investment.
#2. NANO: real time transactions, zero fees, and using 4th generation blockchain, this coin is far ahead of the game and certain to become a major player in the future of Crypto-currencies. And its price reflects its potential. At $8, it’s an investment almost guaranteed to pay off.
#1. ETHOS: The people’s coin. Future universal wallet, exchange, and all in one user-friendly marketplace. Only one security key will be needed to access all crypto-currencies safely stored in your portfolio. Accessible through mobile devices and regulation compliant.  At $2.84 It’s practically free money in your account.

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