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Why Bitcoin is going to reach $50,000!

The average investors look at the price of Bitcoin to gauge the health of the market. But this is a shortsighted assessment and limited in vision to the potential of crypto currencies. It fails to account for all the work that takes place behind the scenes, away from the public eye. And it’s a lack of understanding and access to information. The fact of the matter is that the success of Bitcoin is inevitable.  Bitcoin is going to 50,000 because informed investors will make it so.


The media is missing the point entirely. Reporters are too busy chasing the daily stories to see the big picture. The crypto market is not controlled by news releases, agencies announcements, or investor confidence. The market is controlled by the whales; the secret minority that owns large quantities of Bitcoin. They have the insider connections and access to real time information and updates on technology projects. And they use the information to make massive profits.

While the media is busy ranting about Google banning crypto ads, the Bitcoin Lightning network went live. While the SEC chases scam ICOs, the first dedicated Bitcoin wallet (Zap) is being developed. And while scandals capture the headlines, the Monaco coin (MCO) is fast developing a crypto credit card and Ethereum is creating a sub-market of crypto commodities.


The whale investors understand that regulation will sterilize crypto. But they are also aware that Ethos, Neo, Nano, WaltonChain, and advanced AI blockchains will change the world. So they need to cash in on these projects before regulation arrives. And what best way to do it than by causing a major price drop followed by a massive increase.

The lower the price drops, the higher it will go up. Bitcoin won’t do 25 or 50,000 because McAfee or anybody else says so. It will go there because that’s where it will make the most money. And crypto is about making money; innovation is just along for the ride. All the technological innovation, products, capital investment, and imminent real world application will create a new financial ecosystem. The current banking system is inefficient and expensive. And no amount of financial deterrence or government regulation will make crypto currencies go away. Quite the opposite; Bitcoin will go to $50K and beyond because in the digital age, paper money is already extinct. Progress is unstoppable.

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