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XPLAY (XPA) Coin – Pump and Dump?

XPA is one of China’s many purely investment coins. Launched in October 2107 as an adult entertainment streaming platform, it changed industries in January 2018 “from a single-purpose entertainment platform to become a new digital assest ecosystem.” Whatever that means. In fact the information contained in the whitepaper is extremely vague. It contains no specific details of its purpose or technology behind it.


To serve as a marketplace for managing digital assets through mortgages, decentralized trading, and external funding. And to use the XPA token as a stabilizing currency supported by real life assets and USD value equality.


According to the XPA 2.0 Whitepaper the company uses multiple interchangeable products that run on the Ethereum platform. And the XPA exchange’s liquidity is supported by Tidewallet and Tidepay. The project seems to rely heavily on the company’s single partner Tidebit.


The whitepaper mentions the current Ethereum platform replaced by a native XPA blockchain in June 2018. One with atomic cross chains to make it compatible with other crypto currencies. In addition, the whitepaper mentions plans to make XPA a universal wallet and fiat to crypto gateway. And an entry point into cryptocurrency investment. This is an over ambitious if not plainly unrealistic vision.


The team is composed of academics with backgrounds in economic fields.


There is no perceived value as no purpose is clearly defined. And the proposal is mostly an aggregate of existing and planned technologies.


This coin is extremely suspect as it claims a lot but explains little. It plagiarizes other projects’ technical proposals to try to gain some credibility. However, the project is sufficiently convincing for investors thirsty for profits and willing to ignore substance. It is a very risky coin that should be avoided by average investors and considered only by experienced day traders. As it has grown approximately 1,800% in the last six months on baseless claims alone.

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