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Top Ten Micro Cap Coins to Invest in Q4 2018, Part – 1

The market jumped $27 billion in the last days and with it the public interest to acquire crypto reignited. But as with any size Bull Run, FOMO sets in and people wonder what coins are good to buy. There are many choices and as always the decision depends on the risk tolerance of individual investors. As the market matures, the larger, more stable projects raise to the top, while riskier investments sink. However, with high risk come high rewards. For the moment market prices settled back down after a minor pullback. This gives a pause for investors to collect their emotions and assess the market. Experienced investors know the best time to buy is during a dip, therefore, now is the time to take a closer look at the best opportunities available.

Micro cap coins are those crypto currencies with a market capitalization below $250 million. These lower cap coins usually contain the highest growth potential but are filled with risk. Some of them are scams that will never produce any results. They promote innovation and value, but lack actual implementation and operational history. Therefore, risk-taking investors must find viable projects that balance creativity, development, and profit potential. Below are examples of some micro-cap coins that offer that balance and hold excellent underlying value.

#10. DogeCoin (DOGE): A parody coin; based on the Ethereum ERC-20 token designed purely as a novelty. Despite offering no significant service or invention, it developed a cult following among investors who use it as a pump-and-dump coin. It offers no value other than short term profits; it’s not for HODLing or risk-avert investors. Nevertheless, it offers massive profit potential.

#9. Holochain (HOT): This is a decentralized application framework that stores data and maintains immunity through a set of rules. It is a flexible network where each node acts independently to interact with client applications while maintaining a loose connection to a centralized chain. At $.001 it offers good value as it is cheaply priced and it presents an unconventional alternative Daaps platform.

#8. Basic Attention Token (BAT): A blockchain-based digital content reward platform. Using the ‘Brave’ browser, advertisers reach consumers directly and compensate them for viewing ads.  The project has a lot of Hype and is gaining more visibility as a possible add-on to Coinbase’s listings.

#7. Power Ledger (POWR): This is a decentralized network that connects solar panel owners with customers. Residents can use Power Ledger to purchase excess solar power at lower cost than buying electricity from the local electric company. Power Ledger has an excellent team, international partnerships, and is extremely undervalued for its profit potential.

#6. Enigma (ENG): This is a second layer off-chain network. It works in conjunction with a client blockchain to perform off-chain computations and storage. It uses “secret” smart contracts, hashed and distributed among the nodes to provide privacy. Theoretically, it is highly scalable and secure. Created by a team of MIT, the project is gaining high visibility which will translate into rapid growth.

to be continued…

Every investor has a selection of preferred coins and projects based on personal views and beliefs. Some like creative, technically proficient ideas, while others just care about profits. With nearly 2,000 cryptocurrencies in existence today, there’s ample room for both. Well researched micro-cap coins have untapped value that can be exploited if seized at the right time. And with the many enterprises launching in Q4, the time to buy is now before the market spikes again.

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