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What Crypto Currency Can Make You A Millionaire with Only $1,000

In 2011, twelve year old Erik Finman bought $1,000 worth of Bitcoin and seven years later he sold them and became a millionaire. The story is a little more elaborate but it raises a curious question. Given the present opportunity to buy crypto at low prices, which projects offers the same return with a $1,000 investment.

The short answer is that it is impossible to know.  At the current price of $4,000 per BTC, even if Bitcoin reached one million dollars, one thousand dollars would not make anyone a millionaire. However, there are some promising projects in development that have the potential to do it. Nevertheless, the multitude of variables affecting future performance makes it impossible to make an accurate prediction. The best anybody can do is make an educated guess.

Therefore, in order to do it we will have to make a few assumptions. First, the projects are completed as designed, with no major unforeseen circumstances. Two, they have the potential to grow by at least 1,000 times. Three, these choices must have a proven performance record and consistent development. And fourth, the predictions must account for longevity, stability, innovation, price and profit potential. Let’s begin.

Ethos (ETHOS): An user friendly, universal crypto wallet, with fiat gateway. Once hailed as the future default wallet is a prime candidate. Even though its price and status fell dramatically last September, the project has the potential to recover. The drop had to do with the departure of their COO Stephen Corliss, Vishal Karir, and the company’s ‘portfolio team’. With the right replacements, the company can move forward and prices can surge.  Currenlty at $ .13, the price must reach $130 to deliver $1 million with a $1,000 investment. Given the magnitude of the project, this price is not beyond reach.

Pundi X (NPXS): a crypro currency Point of Sale equipment manufacturer and distributor. Currenlty at $ .0006, the price must reach $.658 to deliver $1 million with a $1,000 investment. An easy target price for this project. The company is far ahead in the Bitcoin ATM business, recently ordering over 4,000 machines for worldwide distribution.

Nuls (NULS): Open source, community driven, public blockchain with modular architecture to allow for multi-chain, cross-chain consensus. A potential gamechanger that could reach hundreds or thousands of dollars in per coin value in a securitized market. Currenlty at $ .53. the price must reach $530 to deliver $1 million with a $1,000 investment. Once again. Very possible goal to achieve.

Ziliqa (ZIL): An open source, permission-less, decentralized, blockchain. Sharding parallel scaling solution for Ethereum based applications. Currenlty at $ .019. the price must reach $19 to deliver $1 million with a $1,000 investment. The project might need a powerful partnership like Stellar did with IBM in order to achieve this goal. However, Zil is definitely capable of a $156B marketcap.

Stellar (XLM): A fast cross-border payment/transfer of funds using blockchain. The competition to Ripple and backed by IBM. Currenlty at $ .15. the price must reach $150 to deliver $1 million with a $1,000 investment. Very possible if XLM retains its Top 5 coin status.

VeChain (VET): A supply chain verification and authentication blockchain protocol. Ranked as the leader in its field and partnered with world leaders in the shipping and manufacturing industry. Currenlty at $ .004. the price must reach $4 to deliver $1 million with a $1,000 investment. It might take some time but with the shipping industry behind it, it’s not an impossibility.

Holo (HOT): A distributed computing network with the potential for infinite scaling through P2P networking.  Currenlty at $ .0005. the price must reach $.50 to deliver $1 million with a $1,000 investment.  Holochain gained a lot of attention and is worth following as its technology is exotic and promising. A raise of price to only twenty cents can deliver $400,000, and $2 would return $4 million.

In a securitized market, the prices proposed above are within reach. And there are a number of other potential candidates. However, careful examination and research is required to determine the viability of any given project. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible for any of the above mentioned projects to give a $1 million return on a $1K investment.

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